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How the SIMpill® Medication Adherence Solution works:

The SIMpill® Medication Adherence System is a medication management system that monitors the patient’s medication intake and will remind the patient in real time if the patient forgets to take the medication as prescribed.

The system allows for

  • Real-Time data and analysis of the patients intake of medication
  • Reminders to the patient when a medication event is missed
  • Escalated reminder service available to approved key carergivers
  • Warnings when patients take their medication at incorrect times.
  • Real-time prescription management
The SIMpill® Medication Adherence Solution

Using a proprietary web-based program SIMpill’s adherence monitoring detects non-compliance in real time. Its unique system can escalate a response which is appropriate at that time to fit the needs of the patient and/or carergivers.

If the patient takes their medication as prescribed, no communication is made to the patient and the “medication event” is stored in the database

If the patient does not take their medication as prescribed, then the patient is sent a reminder to take their medication.

If the patient still does not take their medication, then the patient can be reminded again or if required, a reminder message can be sent to a family member or caregiver advising that the medication has not been taken

If the patient takes their medication outside the prescribed times, then a message can be sent advising that the medication should not be taken at that time, and advising of the next prescribed medication event.

The SIMpill® system can also monitor mediation refills and an email message can be sent to the patient and/or caregiver regarding refill status.

If the battery runs low the patient will receive a text message reminding him/her to charge the SIMpill device.



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